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Meet the World's First AI Voice Assistant for the Web

Our AI Voice suite empowers companies to use Voice Assistants on their websites and applications to engage, qualify and support their leads & customers through highly-personalized, human-like voice conversations.

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Your AI Voice Assistant for the Web Suite

Voice Assistant

Give website visitors a tour of your site, answer their FAQs and provide helpful information that’s not readily available.


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Sales & Marketing Voice Assistant

Guide and qualify leads through your website via voice. Schedule demos with qualified prospects and customers needing support.


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Voice Assistant

Empower your users to navigate and ask questions about your web application with ease by using an In-App Voice Assistant.


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Voice Assistant

Better understand your data through valuable insights from a Voice Assistant on your product dashboard.



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How to use VOIQ's AI Voice Assistant

Meet Alex, our conversational web-based Voice Assistant!

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on the sales avatar to speak to Alex


Click on Asset 26-2 and grant your browser microphone access to start a conversation.

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Alex your Question

Alex will listen to your question and respond. Alex may also ask you a follow-up question, just like a natural, two-way conversation.

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Alex will navigate you to relevant web pages

If your questions can be supported by information included on the website, Alex will navigate to that page to provide more visual detail
while responding.

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Alex will
suggest next steps

Based on your questions and answers, Alex will suggest that you take certain actions, such as booking a demo.

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The Beginners Guide to VOIQ Voice Assistants for Websites

Learn how easy it is to start a one-to-one conversation with Alex, our VOIQ AI Voice Assistant.

Cover_the beginners guide to VOIQ voice web-based voice assistants

Connect with your customers in seconds

AI Voice Assistants are a great way to have real-time and personalized voice conversations with your leads and customers when they're at their highest level of intent.

Qualify New Leads Instantly

Qualify your website visitors using your own customer criteria, routing high-level prospects to your Sales team. 

Answer FAQs

Provide helpful answers and information to your prospects on the common questions you receive about your product or service.

Navigate & Search Website

Navigate your visitors to the web page with the information they search using voice commands.

Schedule Appointments

Schedule demos with interested leads or meetings with customers needing support onto your reps' calendars. 

Share Relevant Content

Provide helpful content as soon as visitors interact with your marketing material or click on any call-to-action.

Simplify User Experience 

Guide users as they navigate within your web applications, and let them ask questions and complete tasks simply by using their voice.

Voice-Enable your Dashboard

Enable your customers to call up critical performance data from your product dashboard with a simple, intuitive voice command

Automate First-Level Support

Respond to customer queries like login or payment issues, locations, and other recurring questions around the clock.

Spread the Word

Deliver new product recommendations, or promotions when your customers or target accounts are on your site.
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Security & Data Privacy

VOIQ provides quick and easy-to-use tools to ensure the security of customer conversations and data, including conversation logs, audio recordings, transcriptions, and opt-outs. VOIQ is also PCI DSS compliant, as well as CIS and Foundations Benchmark v1.2.0 compliant.


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