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AB InBev EU Boost Sales Conversions by 30% with VOIQ


About AB InBev

AB InBev is the leading global brewer and one of the world’s top five consumer product companies. They have more  than 200,000 people across 50 countries, who come together—with passion, commitment and pride—to brew many of the world’s favorite beers. Their portfolio consists of well over 200 beer brands, including Budweiser, Beck’s, Corona, Leffe, and Stella Artois.

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The Challenge

AB InBev’s prospecting process consisted of buying leads from third party providers, having their sales reps make a few cold calls before going to the point of sale. However, their sales reps were not collecting data on the few calls they could get to, thus they were visiting potential customers with no insights on who they were, what they sold, or what they needed. AB InBev wanted to develop new markets in Spain and France, but didn’t have the man-power to call thousands of leads across different regions, their sales team was already cramped for time handling field appointments and closing deals. What’s more, the information their sales team was gathering on leads was inaccurate and not shared among teams regionally.

Being a global enterprise, AB InBev needed a better way to:

  • Scale and optimize their current sales efforts
  • Gain more insights about their target customer
  • Ensure their messaging matched their market and company culture

They were looking for a platform that could launch call campaigns in different countries simultaneously, and offer versatility in terms of language and type of campaign, i.e. sales oriented, market research oriented, customer success oriented, etc.

The Execution

AB InBev is using VOIQ’s intelligent call platform to develop their Spanish and French markets and gather critical insights on their target customers. They launched two types of campaigns with approx. 18,000 leads to call, which consisted of restaurants, bars, hotels, clubs and retailers. The first was a lead generation campaign to generate interest in AB InBev’s brands, find the right decision maker, and set up appointments for their field reps with qualified leads. The second was an audit campaign to better segment their customers’ type of business.

The Results

By leveraging VOIQ’s on-demand sales agents, AB InBev was able to increase the number of sales calls exponentially by 2000%, with 33,804 of total calls made. VOIQ’s Quality Assurance software ensured top performance from the agents with special training sessions onAB InBev’s culture, the leads they’d be calling, potential push-backs, call scenarios, and each of their brands, according to the market.

AB InBev also leveraged VOIQ’s Unique Campaign Algorithm that automatically optimizes the campaigns on a daily basis by scanning each call across 100+ signals to automatically improve call script, pitch messaging, timing, cadence, rebuttals, etc. By applying this framework, the company achieved a 30% conversion rate, which corresponds to 3,658 qualified leads, and 1,099 sales opportunities, expecting a potential Return On Investment (ROI) of 1,193%.

AB InBev’s management team was able to access campaign information and call recordings via  VOIQ’s Dashboard and key sales metrics with our Custom Reporting. They collected critical customer feedback (i.e. the brands they were currently selling), push-backs (i.e. exclusivity agreements, selling only local brands), pain points (i.e. not enough space), etc. Having access to this data across teams improved internal alignment and the consistency of their messaging, resulting in more effective coaching to new and existing sales reps and ultimately leading to an improved customer experience.

The Result

"We achieved an impressive number of calls that we could have never achieved with our internal assets in such a short amount of time."

Total calls made
Sales opportunities
VOIQ conversion rate
VOIQ is that additional layer that makes our team smarter with data-driven go-to-market strategies.
Mark O’Marketing - VP Sales & Marketing, Xappp

Santos Videla Leroir
Business Partner Manager (Sales), AB InBev

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