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Flexy increases outbound sales conversations by 80% with VOIQ AI VoiceBots

Flexy is the #1 SaaS software for beauty professionals in France. Founded in 2014, it has raised over $9 million euros from top investors and has more than 6,000 customers including Fortune 500 L’Oréal and Provalliance. 

Flexy used VOIQ SaaS call software powered by AI VoiceBots to launch and scale their outbound call strategy. Flexy’s own VoiceBot would call and have conversations with 10,000+ targeted prospects across Europe to provide information about their all-service app and schedule qualified demos for their sales team. 

VOIQ AI VoiceBots handle 80% of Flexy’s lead generation calls (within their HubSpot CRM), increasing the number of demo show-up rates and reducing repetitive, human-centric activities by 40%, allowing their marketing and sales team to focus on high-value customer nurturing and closing.


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About Flexy

Flexy is the all-in-one software chosen by more than 30,000 beauty professionals to manage and develop their beauty salon, nail salon or spa. Flexy combines cash software, online booking, and an online store. 

Flexy was founded by Ilan Koskas in 2014 and has raised $9 million euros total in funding. Their customers include Fortune 500 companies such as L’Oréal, Perron Rigot and Provalliance. With a growing team of 70 people based in Paris, Flexy is the #1 all-service app in France, and is quickly becoming the must-have hub for beauty experts across Europe. 

Beauty Salon

The Challenge

Flexy has successfully leveraged Inbound marketing channels, but as part of their strategy of expansion in France and entering the UK market, they decided to tap into the power of outbound calling to get in front of their ideal target, assess interest in their app, and schedule meetings with qualified prospects. 

They were looking for a platform that could help them launch call campaigns in different countries and languages simultaneously. Plus, they needed a software that integrated seamlessly with HubSpot - their CRM and marketing automation software - and allowed them to pull contact data to use during the call and log call data back into their lead’s record in HubSpot. 

Flexy needed a faster and more efficient way to:

  • Handle a large volume of calls without requiring any increase in team size. 
  • Give personalized attention to 100% of their leads without being limited to staff availability. 
  • Measure their call performance in real-time and capture any critical insights from the conversations.

They envisioned an AI Voice Assistant (a.k.a an Alexa for business calls) that could deliver time-sensitive information to their customers, and have an actual conversation with their prospects over the phone. A VoiceBot with the capability to ask and answer customers’ questions in real-time and live transfer a call to a human rep if needed. 

The Execution

Flexy used VOIQ’s call platform to enrich their marketing channel efforts by having their own Flexy conversational VoiceBot call 10,000+ potential customers across Europe, including beauty salons, spas, barbershops, and nail salons to learn about their all-service app. 

The goal of their call campaigns was to remind contacts of a scheduled demo with Flexy (rescheduling demos if needed), or to automatically follow-up and qualify prospects that had shown interest in their software, with the ultimate goal of scheduling a meeting with a member of their sales team.

Flexy used “Pierre” as their French VoiceBot for their prospects located in France, and “Anna” as their English VoiceBot for their customers located in the UK.

Flexy leveraged VOIQ’s native integration with HubSpot to:

  • Trigger a VoiceBot call as soon as a prospect interacted with their website.
  • Automatically move prospects from one stage of their sales pipeline to another, based on the outcome of the VoiceBot call.
  • Map a prospect’s answer to a question in the conversation, as a contact property within the prospect’s contact record in HubSpot. 

The Results

VOIQ’s AI VoiceBot has helped Flexy launch its outbound call model. VoiceBots account for 80% of their lead generation calls with approximately 11,000 calls made, increasing the number of demo show-up rates and reducing repetitive, human-centric activities by 40%, allowing their marketing and sales team to focus on high-value customer nurturing and closing.

The VOIQ VoiceBot can have conversations with and provide information to 100% of their leads - in two markets simultaneously - without being limited by SDR availability, unlike with the traditional phone system. 

The next step for Flexy is to use their top SDR’s voice to further customize the voice of their AI VoiceBot, and better reflect their brand by adding a personal touch to these conversations. 

Key Results

Total VoiceBot conversations to date
call success rate
reduction in repetitive human calling
We use HubSpot daily, and it was great to find a tool that actually takes care of my team’s top-of-funnel sales and marketing calls in a scalable way. We've included VOIQ VoiceBots as part of our marketing workflows, allowing us to further engage leads according to their responses on our VoiceBot calls. We highly recommend you add VOIQ VoiceBots to your stack!
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Edouard Borie
CMO, Flexy

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