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Securis Scales Up with VOIQ to Increase Prospects by 2X


About Securis

Securis is an industry-leading provider of information technology asset disposal (ITAD), including ultra-secure recycling, auditing and destruction services for PCs, hard drives, servers, monitors, printers and other electronics waste and data storage devices.

They provide a complete audit of your IT recycling and asset destruction so you can stay in compliance with all of the relevant federal and local laws.

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The Challenge

As a small company, it is important for Securis to be able to scale outbound calling for their sales team during periods of high demand. With only four reps in their main office, this is hard to achieve. In total, these four reps make about 750 calls per week - a time commitment of about 10 hours a week per person - with annual salaries of approximately $80,000. Hiring another qualified salesperson would be an additional $80,000, plus any additional recruiting, financial and/or opportunity costs.

When Securis was looking to scale their sales prospecting numbers, hiring a new salesperson was not an ideal return on investment: they wanted to increase their numbers immediately without having to find, onboard and train another rep.

Plus, Securis needed a software that integrated seamlessly with their Salesforce organization and that allowed them to track all call data (attempts, outcomes, audio recordings) under their leads' record. Thus, they turned to VOIQ.

The Execution

In order to increase the number of prospective leads Securis could reach out to weekly, VOIQ set up two call campaigns: Discovery and Appointment Setting.

In these two campaigns, VOIQ’s on-demand agents made calls to prospective clients to generate interest in Securis’ service, find out who is responsible for making purchasing decisions, and schedule demo with interested contacts.

The Appointment Setting campaign took advantage of VOIQ’s date schedule feature, which allows agents to schedule meetings directly into their sales rep's calendar. Securis was able to verify the number of demos scheduled in real-time through the client dashboard. What’s more, Securis’ sales reps were only speaking to truly interested and vetted potential clients, saving them valuable time and energy.

Best of all, Securis was able to launch benchmark campaigns to test their sales messaging, the quality of their contact list and ROI, giving Securis the opportunity to optimize its sales pipeline strategy before running additional campaigns.

The Results

Using VOIQ, Securis no longer had to dedicate a large amount of time to train additional sales reps on their service and on sales prospecting calling. They were also able to avoid the added costs of recruiting, hiring, training, and mentoring additional reps.

Furthermore, VOIQ allowed them to launch highly scalable, intelligent call campaigns in just one week - a process that normally takes weeks internally. VOIQ’s flexible platform allowed Securis to create campaigns, easily upload several contact lists, set up a targeted script, and have hundreds of on-demand agents start making calls and qualifying leads for them.

After the initial benchmark campaign, Securis launched several run-off campaigns of 10,000 contacts in total and was able to convert 20% of those contacts to customers on each campaign. Using VOIQ dedicated sales agents Securis saved 20+ hrs a week in prospecting calling efforts for each campaign.

The Result

VOIQ has launched 10 campaigns for Securis, allowing them to scale up and make a big push when needed. Based on these past successes, Securis continues to launch large scale call campaigns using VOIQ.

saved for selling time
Lead to opportunity
Opportunity to deal
VOIQ gives us the ability scale up when we need to make a big push and scale back when we have enough demand for our services.  As a small business, being able to scale up and down quickly is very powerful.
Mark O’Marketing - VP Sales & Marketing, Xappp

Jeremy Farber 
President & CEO, Securis

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