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Stanford Graduate School of Business Cuts Call Campaign Costs in Half with VOIQ


About SLEI

The Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative (SLEI) is a Stanford University research program housed within the Graduate School of Business. The mission of SLEI is to stimulate more informed policy making, business partnerships, and knowledge and skill development.

Tiq Chapa, the program coordinator for SLEI, is responsible for fulfilling his department’s mission of ultimately surveying 100% of all U.S. Latino-owned companies in an effort to create the longitudinal data needed for more rigorous analysis.


The Challenge

SLEI conducts surveys across groups of approximately 10,000 Latino business owners at a time. The surveys tend to be longer, often totalling more than 30 questions,  which poses a serious challenge to the call agents tasked with conducting them. Asking a busy business owner to commit enough time to take the survey is a big request.

Some of the problems Tiq experienced with traditional calling platforms:

  • Minimum of 3-6 month commitment contracts
  • High cost to complete
  • Longer than advertised ramp-up time (very long setup time)
  • Lack of transparency throughout campaign lifecycle

The Execution

Some of the key features that stood out to Tiq after he started with VOIQ include the following:

Customer Experience - The VOIQ team was responsive from the beginning. They started the engagement by diving deep into Tiq’s business needs sharing best practices necessary for him to achieve his objectives.

Optimized Campaign Results - VOIQ provided comprehensive insights, continuously optimizing the campaign once it started running, and shared ways for Tiq to perfect his call script in order to yield higher completion rates and quality of data.

Reporting - The high level of technology delivered by VOIQ was evident right from the beginning. Tiq was immediately impressed with the dashboard that provided real-time results that included: 

  • Number of calls completed
  • Responsiveness to surveys
  • Statistics required to assess effectiveness day to day

The Result

The results VOIQ was able to produce through their methodology included a 50% cost reduction compared to other B2B calling platforms previously used by SLEI.

faster ramp up time
less cost
Survey Completion Rate
Against their own financial interests, VOIQ recommended a slower approach to ramping up since they, correctly, felt it would benefit us more to test multiple strategies before running at full volume. This is the sort of honesty that has convinced us that moving forward with VOIQ in future programs is what we will do. Without a doubt.”
Mark O’Marketing - VP Sales & Marketing, Xappp

Tiq Chapa
Program Manager, SLEI

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