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Chatbot Conference SF 2019_3


VOIQ Keynote at the Global Chatbot & AI Voice Conference in San Francisco



AI Voice in the Workplace

The Top 5 AI Voice Innovations that will change the way you work

Ricardo, founder of VOIQ, introduced 500+ Silicon Valley leaders in the AI space to the top 5 AI Voice innovations that will have the biggest impact on the way that business leaders work.

Key takeaways:

Scientists and Engineers have been working on this for 60 years and it is finally here.

The top 5 AI Voice innovation for business:

  1. Voice Dashboard
  2. Voice Meeting Assistant
  3. Voice for Search & Navigation 
  4. VoiceBots for B2B/B2C Calls
  5. Voice Authentication

The many ways sales & marketing leaders are using VoiceBots. Ex: Warm qualification, scheduling meetings, customer upselling, payment collections, event reminders, and much more.

• VOIQ is leading the call channel transformation from being exclusively made by people, to fully automating sales and marketing calls with conversational AI VoiceBots. 

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