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Connect VoiceBots to Your Tools & Apps

How to connect VOIQ VoiceBots to Outreach

What can a VoiceBot do for you?

VOIQ VoiceBots automate your sales, marketing and support calls by having conversations with your leads and customers over the phone. They can call your contacts and remind them about an upcoming meeting/event/payment, schedule a meeting, engage prospects who've recently downloaded marketing content, qualify leads, and so on.

Part I: Let's integrate VOIQ VoiceBots into your Outreach account

Integrating VOIQ VoiceBots into your Outreach account is quick and easy. Import all your contact lists from Outreach (grouped by tags) for our VoiceBots to call. Every call disposition, call transcription and call recording URL will be automatically recorded into each prospect profile. You can watch this video or follow our step-by-step instructions below to give it a try! 



1. Sign in to your VOIQ Account

  • Sign in to VOIQ here using the email and password you created when you setup your VOIQ account.

Sign in

2. Access Settings

  • Once logged in, click on Settings on the left-hand menu where you'll find information about your Account, Billing, Integrations and Team.

Integrate Outreach

3. Integrate your Outreach account

  • In the Integrations tab, under CRM Integrations you will see a "+" sign. Click on the "+" and select Outreach from the dropdown list. 

Integrate Outreach

  • You’ll be redirected to Outreach to sign in and grant access to VOIQ. This allows us to manage information from your contact records.

Sign in to Outreach

And that’s it! You’ve officially setup the VOIQ VoiceBot integration in your Outreach account. You can start importing your contacts to your VOIQ call campaigns as explained below.

Part II: Let's launch your first VoiceBot campaign

4. Create a tag in Outreach to group your contacts

  • In your Outreach account, select the contacts you would like to target in your VoiceBot call campaign. For that, you'll need to assign unique tags to your contacts to easily identify them.

    Select contacts in Outreach
  • On the top menu, click on the "tag" icon, then click on Add Tags. Next, type in the Name of your tag "Outreach Call Campaign". 

Add a tag in Outreach

5. Create a new campaign in VOIQ

  • Once logged back into VOIQ, click on Create Campaign in the upper right-hand corner. You can choose to start from scratch, or to leverage our built-in templates. For this example, we selected the "Schedule Meeting" template. Learn more about how to create a campaign on VOIQ

Script completed

6. Import contacts from Outreach
  • Next, under List, click on Upload, then Upload from Outreach

Upload contacts-1

  • Type in the Name of the tag you previously created in Step 4, then click on the "Search" icon. You will see the total number of prospects grouped under that tag in Outreach. Next click on Import

Type Outreach tag

  • You'll be able to see the total contacts uploaded by country and timezone. The platform uses the timezones of each of your contacts to make sure the VoiceBot calls them at the right time. It's also very important for when you're setting up appointments over the phone. 

List uploaded

7. Turn on your Campaign

Next, under Summary, review your campaign settings and then toggle on your campaign. The VoiceBot will immediately start calling your contacts if you uploaded a list of records to VOIQ.

Turn On campaign


Check out our Support Page or email us at for help with any questions about our VoiceBots.