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Connect VoiceBots to Your Tools & Apps

How to connect VOIQ VoiceBots to SalesLoft

What can a VoiceBot do for you?

VOIQ VoiceBots automate your sales, marketing and support calls by having conversations with your leads and customers over the phone. They can call your contacts and remind them about an upcoming meeting/event/payment, schedule a meeting, engage prospects who've recently downloaded marketing content, qualify leads, and so on.

Part I: Let's integrate VOIQ VoiceBots into your SalesLoft account

Integrating VOIQ VoiceBots into your SalesLoft account is quick and easy. You can watch this video or follow our step-by-step instructions below to give it a try! 

1. Log in to your
SalesLoft Account

Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 4-50-17 PM

2. Access Settings

  • Once logged in, click on Settings on the top right-hand menu.


3. Integrate your VOIQ account

  • In the Administration tab, click on Integrations.


  • Scroll down until you see the VOIQ integration and toggle ON the integration. 

SalesLoft_VOIQ toggle on

  • Click on Authorize to grant us access to manage information from your contact records.


And that’s it! You’ve officially setup the VOIQ VoiceBot integration in your SalesLoft account. You can start calling your contacts from their profile and triggering calls from your cadences as explained below.

Part II: Let's launch your first one-off VoiceBot call from the People page

1. Select the contact you'd like the VoiceBot to call

  • Navigate to People on the left-hand menu. In your contact list, select the contact you'd like the VoiceBot to call. And make sure your contact has a phone number to call for! 

SalesLoft_Add a contact

2. Set up your VoiceBot call

  • Access the VOIQ box on the lower right hand bar within your person's profile. 

  • Select the type of VoiceBot messaging you want to use: deliver a custom message, remind a lead of an upcoming demo, call a lead who visited your site, make a simple prospecting call with a yes/no question, etc. 

SalesLoft_Select the message

  • Create a personalized message your VoiceBot will deliver by phone to this person. You can customize the voice and language.
  • Click on Preview to hear what the VoiceBot sounds like. Next, click on Create and the VoiceBot will immediately call your contact! 

SalesLoft_Call from contact profile

Part III: Let's launch your first VoiceBot campaign from Cadences

1. Log in to your VOIQ Account

  • Log in to VOIQ here using the email and password you created when you setup your VOIQ account.

2. Create a new campaign in VOIQ

  • Once logged back into VOIQ, click on Create Campaign in the upper right-hand corner. Name your campaign, select the Objective of your campaign, pick the Voice of your VoiceBot, and create your Script. Learn more about how to create a campaign on VOIQ

Resources SalesLoft - Campaign

3. Add your Contact List
  • Skip this step, if you want to launch your VoiceBot campaign from SalesLoft, as you'll be enrolling your contacts directly from your Cadence, and go straight to Launch.

Resources SalesLoft - Add Contacts

4. Turn On your Campaign

Next, under Launch, you can review and edit your campaign settings and then Launch your campaign. 

5. Add a new Cadence with a VoiceBot call as a step 

  • Navigate to Cadences from the side navigation menu and click on +Add Cadence in the top right corner.

SalesLoft_Add cadence

6. Cadence Settings

  • Enter your Cadence’s name in the text box. Your Cadence’s name should give you a quick idea of this Cadence’s use.
  • Add your daily people target. The daily people target is the number of people that you want to add to your Cadence every day to keep you on target for your sales goals.
  • Select the Cadence Function (outbound, inbound, event, other), select the Owner (if applicable), set the Priority level of the Cadence, add Tags, etc. Next, click on Save Cadence

SalesLoft_Name cadence

7. Add a VoiceBot Call step to your Cadence

  • From your Cadence’s overview page, click on Add Step.

SalesLoft_Add step

  • In the Create Step box, select the VOIQ (VoiceBots) icon. Enter the Day you would like the step to run and hit Next.

SalesLoft_Add VOQ call

  • In the Create VoiceBot Call Step box, give your step a Name to let you know what the purpose of this call will be. Common examples include “Schedule demo” or “Follow up with a Voicemail”.
  • Add any instructions you think are necessary. Instructions can include the name of your VoiceBot campaign or the script you're using. Click on Add Step to add the step and close the window.

SalesLoft_Add VOIQ call step
8. Add People and Run your Cadence

  • Navigate to Cadence Actions and click on Add Person.

SalesLoft_Add person to cadence

  • Assign a Person to your Cadence that will receive the VoiceBot call. 

SalesLoft_Select person in cadence

  • For this example, I went ahead and clicked on Due to run the cadence immediately. 

SalesLoft_Call in cadence

  • The Cadence Side Panel will expand on the right side of your window. You will be re-directed to the Profile Page of the person listed in your VoiceBot call cadence step and prompted to take your step action.

  • Select the Step listed, which in this case is the VoiceBot Call step. Next, click on the Campaign Name you created in VOIQ beforehand.

    SalesLoft_Select Campaign

  • Click on Call, and the VoiceBot will automatically call the Person. 

SalesLoft_Click call


Check out our Support Page or email us at for help with any questions about our VoiceBots.