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VOIQ for Salesforce

We call, qualify and set up appointments for your sales team inside Salesforce. 

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Call Campaigns at Scale

Leverage VOIQ sales agents to scale your prospecting outreach and get qualified leads and scheduled meetings straight into your Salesforce organization. 


Triggered Calls

Eliminate the need to set up follow-up reminders by adding live sales qualification calls (powered by VOIQ sales agents) into your email workflows.

Call Tracking

Gain visibility into your contacts’ sales journey and key funnel metrics with every call data automatically logged in your leads activity history.

Data Sync

Eliminate tedious tasks and manual data entry errors with bi-directional syncing between your VOIQ and Salesforce data.


Already using Salesforce?

Get our VOIQ app for SalesforceⓇ from the AppExchange to start automating and outsourcing your sales prospecting calls.

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