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Information Security



PCI DSS & CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark Compliance

VOIQ follows the strictest security protocols in order to work with highly sophisticated enterprises in industries such as finance and healthcare.  VOIQ is PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant, as well as Center for Internet Security (CIS) and Foundations Benchmark v1.2.0 compliant.

TCPA & FCC Compliance 

VOIQ provides quick and easy-to-use tools to ensure our customers’ conversations and data are safe and secure, including the following:

Data Privacy

Our customers’ data, call recordings and call logs are encrypted and stored in industry-leading data centers, benefiting from the strongest information security and compliance standards.

VoiceBot Technology

VOIQ does not use pre-recorded messages nor autodialing. Each VoiceBot call is personalized to the contact called, and the VoiceBot interacts with the contact based on how they respond.

Do Not Call List

Our system actively looks for cues and/or requests from the contact to opt-out or add their number to the National Do Not Call registry. The contact is flagged by our system and reported to the client.

Caller ID

Our customers are required to validate their own phone number and use it as their Caller ID on VOIQ. Our software is set to make calls during the business hours of 8am-6pm, at the local time zone of the contact. 

Seamless Integrations

Our software integrates with your existing enterprise ecosystem. Each call is synced with your CRM/automation stack data. VOIQ highly recommends using the VoiceBot channel as part of a workflow where a call is triggered by an action of a prospect or customer.

Contact Import

We do not provide customers with contact lists. Customers leverage their own prospect or customer lists. We do not recommend using Voicebots for cold calling: there should be a history of at least one non-VOIQ conversation or an opt-in to receive a call.