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Stay Close to your Community during COVID-19 with Conversational VoiceBots



To help support communities during COVID-19, VOIQ is offering 50,000 free calls through our softwarewith any additional calls run at cost. 

As COVID-19 continues impacts communities everywhere, providing accurate, real-time information to our members is critical. Conversational VoiceBots help teams to:

Deliver COVID-19 Updates
i.e. new quarantine measures, and officially-recommended health/safety guidelines.
Assess Symptoms
and based on the individual's answers, can transfer the call to a local healthcare provider.
Assess Community Needs
Gather accurate information related to senior care, food programs and financial support.
Notify Customers
 on waiving credit card fees, updates on travel restrictions, store pick-up schedules, etc.
Handle Tier 1 Support
Deflect call volumes from agents and resolve tier-1 questions during call spikes.
Your Own AI Voice Agent
to handle incoming calls, collect customer data/feedback, and direct to a live agent if needed.


Using AI VoiceBots to help with your COVID-19 response

You provide us with the list of contacts you'd like to call (constituents, community members, customers).

We help you build your call campaign on our platform in a matter of minutes.

We launch your campaign and our VoiceBots will immediately start calling your list of contacts.

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