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Stay Close to your Community during COVID-19 with Conversational VoiceBots



Organizations & Governments across the globe are using Conversational VoiceBots for contact tracing programs, medical assistance, and delivering up-to-date information about COVID-19 - over the phone.

Conversational VoiceBots for calling can help your team:

Deliver COVID-19 Updates
The latest quarantine measures, and officially recommended health & safety guidelines.
Assess Potential COVID Symptoms
Based on the person's answers, the call can be transferred to a local healthcare provider or contact tracing program.
Evaluate Community Needs
Gather information regarding senior care needs, food programs and financial support.
Notify & Update Customers
 on waiving credit card fees, updates on travel restrictions, shipping schedules, etc.
Conduct Regular Check-Ups
Carry out phone outreach for patients highly vulnerable to COVID19.
Handle Tier 1 Call Support
Deflect call volumes from agents and resolve tier-1 questions during call spikes.
Your Own AI Voice Agent
Handle incoming calls, collect customer data & feedback, and transfer to a live agent if needed.
Schedule Appointments
Schedule appointments with, or live transfer calls to, primary care physicians
Provide Phone Advice
An advice line to triage patients and to address questions and concerns from possible COVID-19 patients.

White paper: Sophisticated AI VoiceBots have entered the market just in time to save lives
How conversational VoiceBots outperformed humans 10-to-1 in detecting COVID-19 cases

You'll learn:
  • How the Colombian Government use VoiceBots to save lives in a global pandemic.
  • The key variables of high-performing calls such as time of day, attempt frequency, tone and messaging, to reach the largest number of people and increase conversation rates.
  • How VoiceBots will change the future of communication and the companies that adopt VoiceBots into their strategy as early adopters will win.
  • How businesses are leveraging VoiceBots across different communication channels to drive sales, save money and scale.
VOIQ White Paper 2020_Cover-2

Sample of a VoiceBot-Patient conversation

VoiceBot: Hi Sam, I'm calling from Doctor Smith's office to do a regular check up. Are you feeling well today?

Sam: No, I'm actually feeling a little under the weather.

VoiceBot: Sorry to hear that Sam, are you experiencing any of the following symptoms: Difficulty breathing, cough, sore throat, headache, or trouble smelling?

Sam: Yeah, I'm having some trouble breathing and I have a headache.

VoiceBot: Thank you Sam. I think it's best you schedule an appointment with doctor Smith for a virtual check up over a video call. What time are you available today?

Sam: Oh ok, I'm free at 2pm. 

VoiceBot: That's perfect. I've just sent you the link through sms for your virtual appointment with doctor smith at 2pm today and with more information on how to keep yourself and others safe in the meantime. Thank you!

Using AI VoiceBots to help with your COVID-19 response

You provide us with the list of contacts to call (constituents, community members, patients, customers).

We help you set up your call campaign, and add your call script on our platform in a matter of minutes.

We launch your campaign and our VoiceBots will immediately start calling your list of contacts.

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