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Conversational VoiceBots for Customer Support Calls



Leverage AI VoiceBots to support your customers instantly and at scale with automated, personalized calls.

Support Ticket Follow-up
check unresponsive tickets, route clients to the right agent, update statuses.
Capture Customer Feedback
on product and experience, measure satisfaction, conduct research & more. 
Your Own AI Voice Agent
to handle incoming calls, collect caller info, pre-qualify & hot transfer to a live agent.
Keep Buyers Up-To-Date
on when their purchase was shipped, when it will arrive, and any status updates.
Upsell Customers
to purchase new products tailored to their needs, upgrade, or renew. 
Handle Tier 1 Support
and answer common questions, live transfer to a product expert if needed.


VOIQ provides leading Customer Support teams with their own AI Voice Assistant for inbound and outbound support calls

Conversational AI Voice

VoiceBots sound human-like and can have two-way conversations with your customers over the phone. You can customize every call using your customer’s data in your CRM, as well as the voice and language that best suit your customer base.

Powerful Integrations

VoiceBots integrate into your existing customer support platform such as Zendesk or CRM such as HubSpot or Outreach. Trigger calls based on customer actions or support tickets, ensuring customer follow-up happens quickly and with the right information.

Time and Cost Effective

VoiceBots are a great way to cut response time in half without adding to your payroll. Instead of wasting valuable time taking care of repetitive, routine calls, your support team can focus on high-value and complex conversations. 

Actionable Call Reporting

VoiceBots capture key call data that you can use to enrich customer profiles and elevate the customer experience. Each call outcome, insight, and recording are automatically logged in the customer’s activity record.

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