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Conversational VoiceBots for Lead Generation Calls



Engage leads in human-like conversations to qualify and book more meetings for sales, and deliver value to your potential customers

Your Own AI Voice Agent
to handle incoming calls, collect caller info, pre-qualify & hot transfer to a live agent.
Follow-up with 100% of leads
as soon as they download marketing content or click on your ads.
Drive Event Attendance
with a unique opportunity, confirm attendance, communicate logistics.
Collect Lead Data
from IVR or human-run call channels, or clean up customer records on your CRM.
Acquire more leads
proactively reach out to leads, pre-qualify & schedule a meeting with your best rep.
Spread the Word!
with new product recommendations, thank you messages or promotions.


VOIQ provides leading Marketing teams with their own AI Voice Assistant for lead engagement and nurturing calls

Conversational AI Voice

VoiceBots sound human-like and can have two-way conversations with your leads over the phone. You can customize every call using your lead’s data in your CRM, as well as the voice and language to fit your audience.

Actionable call reporting

VoiceBots feed you data that you can use to enrich your leads profile and and further improve your audience segmentation. Every call outcome, meeting scheduled and recording are automatically logged in your lead’s activity record.

Integrates into your workflows

VoiceBots integrates into your CRM or marketing automation platform. You can trigger calls based on lead actions,  ensuring your leads are followed-up with at their highest level of intent. 

Time and cost effective

VoiceBots are a great way to follow-up with 100% of your inbound leads without adding to your staff. They allow Marketers to create more qualified opportunities for Sales, and deliver the best buying experience for your potential customers.

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