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Conversational VoiceBots for Sales Prospecting Calls



Find and secure customers faster and efficiently by integrating automated calling into your multi-channel sales outreach

Qualify Leads in Minutes

after clicking on your site, live transferring quality prospects onto your Sales team. 
Schedule Product Demos
onto your reps' calendars with interested prospects directly on the call.
Reengage high-score leads
that have been unresponsive to your inside sales team's outreach.
Automate Reminders

Automatically call your leads an hour before a demo, and reschedule on-the-fly.
Your Own AI Voice Agent
to handle incoming calls, collect caller info, pre-qualify & hot transfer to a live agent.
Post-Event Follow Ups
including booth visits, or leads you chat with, to book an in-depth call with a rep.


VOIQ provides leading Sales teams with their own AI voice assistant for lead qualification and follow-up calls

Conversational AI Voice

VoiceBots sound human-like and can have multi-question conversations with your prospects over the phone. You can customize every call using your prospect’s data in your CRM, as well as the voice and language that best fit your target.

Actionable call reporting

VoiceBots feed you data that you can use to enrich your prospects profile and advance them further into the funnel. Every call outcome, insights, and recording are automatically logged in your prospect's activity record.

Time and cost effective

VoiceBots are a great way to step up your lead response time without adding to your staff. Instead of wasting selling time talking to poor leads, your sales team can focus on creating more opportunities and closing deals to hit their quota.

Integrates into your sequences

VoiceBots integrates into your CRM or sales engagement platform. You can trigger calls based on prospect actions, ensuring prospects are followed-up with at their highest level of intent. 

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