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Sophisticated AI VoiceBots have entered the market just in time to save lives

How conversational VoiceBots outperformed humans 10-to-1 in detecting COVID-19 cases


As the initial wave of COVID-19 began to ramp up, the Colombian Government needed a way to reach out to millions of citizens within hours and detect potential cases to save as many lives as possible. The use of AI Voice software in the COVID-19 outreach campaign had unprecedented results. Colombia became the first country in the world to use VoiceBots at this scale and now has the ability to converse and diagnose millions of citizens in a matter of hours. Whereas the average response rate for an outreach campaign run by humans is 7%, this campaign had an average response rate of 75% - reaching 10X more people to diagnose potential COVID-19 cases.

You'll learn:

  • How the Colombian Government use VoiceBots to save lives in a global pandemic. 
  • The key variables of high-performing calls such as time of day, attempt frequency, tone and messaging, to reach the largest number of people and increase conversation rates.
  • How VoiceBots will change the future of communication and the companies that adopt VoiceBots into their strategy as early adopters will win.
  • How businesses are leveraging VoiceBots across different communication channels to drive sales, save money and scale. 
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